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I was born in Oxford, the youngest of three children. My father ran his own successful pharmacy while my mother kept house. I had a carefree childhood with endless summers full of chasing through the woods and days on the river. The very stuff of Boys Own. I enjoyed school and was particularly proud to have attended Oxford Boys with it’s strong sense of tradition and mythical former pupil T.E Lawrence. Better known as Lawrence Of Arabia. It was there that my interest in music and the arts first started to bloom. I started my musical life in a synthy duo but quickly traded it in for a place playing keyboards in a psychedelic rock band. We all lived together, partied together and toured, toured, toured. Carefree times in a battered old mini van when we felt we could conquer the world. However it couldn’t last and I headed for London looking for a job in a recording studio. I had no real idea of what I wanted, I just knew I was in love with all the toys and the studio was the only place I wanted to be. I took the usual route of Tape-op to Engineer and then onto Producing and once again making written contributions and recording as an artist. I have had the privilege of working with a few of the world’s greatest musicians and have recorded everybody from the fantastically famous to the obscure and sometimes bloody awful. Coffee adverts, film soundtracks, electro, ambient, rock, jazz and back again. Remixes, concept albums, pushy Japanese executive producers, and every station in between, but. After a few years the dream started to fall apart and I knew it was a time for a change. So I up rooted and moved to Germany. Work was no problem as my management kept me supplied with things to do and I’d reached a point where I no longer had to be based in London to work, but it just wasn’t the same any more and so I quit. Back then the last bit of commercial work I did was a remix for Tony Banks from Genesis. More than ten years past and it wasn’t until my fourteen year old son started to ask about the framed discs hanging on the wall or what dad had done for a job before his 9 to 5. That I started to think about all my old gear in storage in the cellar. I dragged it out and after playing around for a few weeks was surprised to find out that I was enjoying myself, and that it was so easy to start writing again. Maybe I had something to say after all and the ideas just started to spill out. Since then I have recorded and released nine original albums, five live albums (two double), five Remix/Mix albums, three EP’s, and a film soundtrack. As well as performing live at festivals across Europe. I’ve also produced, mixed, remixed and mastered for other artists, and along with afp and performing live with my life partner Ashka. I’m also part of the band Sedibus together with Lx Paterson from the Orb, with our début album The Heavens going straight into the UK Indie Charts at #10.
"Alex Paterson and Andy Falconer reunite after nearly 30 years to collaborate on what is almost very nearly an Orb album but then also, clearly isn’t. " - Igloo Magazine The first release on Orbscure Recordings is Sedibus ‘The Heavens’, released 28th May, an astonishing collaboration between Alex and original Orb member Andy Falconer who engineered/co-wrote the ambient sides of the ‘Ultraworld’ album back in 1991. An original deep space mission, ‘The Heavens’ imbues 30 years of experience, skill and insight. “Organic in feel and clearly referencing our shared roots, ‘The Heavens’ is an immersive journey of ambient electronica which not only references a source, but the distance travelled from that point of origin to something new,” says Andy. From the euphonious soundscapes of ‘Afterlife Aftershave’ and the pulsating textures of ‘TOI 1338b, to the irresistible beats and bombastic piano of ‘Unknowable’ and immersive deep ambiance of ‘Papillions’, ‘The Heavens’ sets the benchmark for an exciting new future for Orbscure Recordings.
The new live album Cambra (plus) Live from Milliways is available Now on Bandcamp. Download your copy HERE While you’re at it. Why not get on over to Bandcamp and discover all my albums.


Ashka & Andy Falconer live at the Feel Festival 2018 Andy & Lx Ashka Andy & Ashka The Dream Team at tea-break. Rehearsal for The Orb 25th anniversary gig. Andy - Italy 1991 Andy Ashka & Andy Andy Andy, Ashka & Gabriel Le Mar at Ozora 2019 Andy Andy live at Space Mountain 2019 Paul Cook at The Orb anniversary rehearsal Steve Hillage at The Orb anniversary concert rehearsal Ashka & Andy Andy On stage with the Orb 2016 Anniversary addition vinyl and a silver disc 
"The Heavens rewrites the current ambient discourse back away from the admittedly hugely seductive dub- textural and post-classical nuclei of Berlin and Tokyo, and reintroduces a good old trippy-as-fuckness to the world. Luxurious. Buy." - Backstagemafia